Wedding Dance Byron Bay


Daniella is patient and kind when it comes to helping complete novices put together their first dance for their wedding.
Daniella worked within our ability so we felt comfortable and could remember the dance.
This was a great experience leading up to our wedding. Thank you Daniella. Em & Mathew

Practise made it perfect on the day

Emma & Mathew . . . . Practise made it perfect on the day

Thank you so much Daniella you have created such a beautiful dance for us to do on our wedding day! We can’t wait to perform it this weekend. Love your work ?????? Lisa Nolan April 21 at 12:21pm
lisa & jeremy

Lisa & Jeremy


For our wedding dance, we wanted something special and not just your ordinary waltz. We both loved the film clip to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud” and we wanted to be adventurous & bring in some of those moves. Thanks to Danielle, it became possible and we managed to choreograph our own beautiful version. Danielle has a beautiful, nurturing energy and such a sound knowledge of dance. It was truly a blessing working with her and we were both a bit sad when our lessons ended… that is until we take up Salsa with her! Bless you Dani xxx Allegra & Matt


Allegra & Matt


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